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Saturday, March 14, 2009

With a Lot of Compromise and Brute Force...

Whew! This Dern Saddle Bag is finally finished. What a fit it gave me! And really there's no reason for it to have been such a problem.

Design flaws, I expect (Designed by that Spool {}, you know!). I usually like to make design flaws into "features" (learned that in database programming, hahaha), but this dern thing just would not cooperate. Only sheer grit and tenacity won out.

I already put my stuff in it and I'm planning on carrying it until...I guess until I get tired if it, lol!

1 comment:

casserole said...

Very nice!!! I love all the pockets and the bias binding!

I thought my my mother was the only one who said "dern." She's from Alabama, though. I always figured it was a deep south thing. Go figure.