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Friday, March 20, 2009

Christy's March Craft Challenge

The way the Craft Challenge works is you are sent an envelope with supplies that must be used in a craft of your choice.

This month the supplies had an Easter theme...not my fave! Pink fabric, pastel button, big 'ole pearls, and plastic Easter eggs. I could have made a pink bunny I suppose, but I didn't want to make a pink bunny.

So here's what I did make - a thread catcher with pockets for scissors and a seam ripper (which I use more than I want to admit!), and a mini pincushion. The buttons anchor the thread catcher under my machine, the pearls are like little knobs I can use to hold the pockets open, and the ribbon keeps the scissors from falling on the floor. I don't know how functional it is yet :)

Edit: This turned out to be surprisingly functional! I love it - no getting up and down looking for stuff while I'm sewing.

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Christy said...

I was thinking some people might want to kill me for the pastel-ridden Easter theme. But....it's supposed to be a challenge!

I really think yours turned out so great! Good luck! Voting starts soon.