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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Embarrassed No More!

I whipped these bags up at the speed of light, giving no time to niceties like squaring edges and even seams. I was embarrassed to show the girls in the Brownie troop the bags I had made them for field trips (well, mostly I just didn't want them to keep handing me stuff to carry!).

What I found was they were delighted to have the bags and more delighted to know they could decorate them with paints at our next meeting and earn a badge doing it! Our newest member even cried (the girls are 6 and 7 years old) because she didn't have one made for her yet (poor thing!).

I am no longer embarrassed by the quick (ahem, even shoddy!) workmanship. Instead I feel all warm inside knowing they appreciate the bags so much :)

By the way - these are made from flour sack table napkins.


Craftastic said...

It's so nice that you are willing to make this stuff for the kids. I'm sure they won't notice any defects that you see in them. They ought to have lots of fun decorating them.

Sue B said...

great idea to use the flour sack napkins, they'll hold up really well. I'm sure they'll have a blast decorating them.