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Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Don't Have Any Projects to Share...But Check Out My Cool Iron!

Well, I got some sewing in today! Too bad I didn't finish anything...but I'm working on some good stuff :)

In the meantime, I'd like to share my newish iron. It's fabulous and amazing and was only $20 at Target! I love my good deals you know :) So, the name of this most fabulous and thrifty iron is the Black and Decker Steam Xpress. It has a very steamy steam button and gets hot hot hot. Since I use a lot of interfacing it's perfect.

It has other good stuff too, like a no steam switch (who cares - we need steam!) and different settings for different fabrics (if you have to turn the iron down to iron the fabric you probably can't put the fabric in the dryer, so again, who cares!) and an auto shutoff switch set at 30 seconds in case the iron is left lying on it's hot side (well I guess that's good, although I'm really not planning on leaving the iron lying around, since I love my fabric and all...). As I was saying, it gets hot hot hot and has a steamy steam button :)

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